About us

Welcome to Iteso Welfare Association


Iteso Welfare Association Uganda (IWA-UG) was formed by Iteso and friends of Teso within Uganda and in the diaspora in response to the critical and challenging times the region was facing. The association was formed to regain the past glory of Teso that once used to be a peaceful region, an economically sound, agriculturally productive with schools that produced prominent citizens that contributed in the building of this Nation. However, from the late 1980s for over a decade Teso suffered political instability and insecurity ranging from cattle rustling to rebel activities. Many lives were lost during this period, agricultural productivity suffered a big setback, infrastructure destroyed, education standards deteriorated to alarming levels.

Worse still Teso continued to suffer from natural calamities such as floods and prolonged drought inflicting famine among the population. The effects of the insecurity and natural calamities have continued to manifest in the region with high poverty levels, poor education standards, unemployment, and poor health conditions among others.

It’s against this background that Iteso from within and the diaspora came together to supplement Government and other stake-holders efforts in improving the lives of Iteso and people living in the region. "IWA Uganda is registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) with the NGO Board under Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our Registration No is 12784."..

Geographical Coverage

IWA geographical coverage constitutes the ten administrative districts of Amuria, Bukedea, Sorotit, Kumi, Ngora, Katakwi, Serere, Pallisa, Kaberamaido and Tororo, with potential to extend to neighbouring countries in the near future. It also has an affiliation to the Iteso in the diaspora through the IWA UK Association.

Our Goal

The overall goal of the association is to establish a social network to promote mutual support among Iteso as well as to enhance their social and economic well being wherever the are and at all times.

Our Objectivies

  • To promote the health and well-being of the Iteso community.
  • To promote access to high quality and affordable education.
  • To improve the economic well-being of the Iteso community
  • To promote self-awarenes and enhance the Iteso identity
  • To promote environmental conservation and eco-diversity.
  • To promote research on emerging issues relevant to Iteso people.
  • To provide timely health education to school children and parents on nutrition
  • To strengthen community resilience to any form of disaster and risk.