IWA-UG Webinar Series

Webinar Report: Agricultural Financing in Uganda: Opportunities and Challenges

As a key pillar of the Ugandan economy, the agriculture sector is a critical driver of economic growth and poverty alleviation. Uganda’s agricultural sector (Let alone […]

Webinar Report: Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Discovery.

The narrative of Uganda as a primitive, underdeveloped country with bleak future prospects has been increasingly modified in favor of optimistic sentiments. Commentators increasingly portray Uganda […]

Webinar Report: Managing Risks in Agriculture- The Role of Insurance.

Risk management in agriculture is important, and likely to become more so in the future, and that the tools to manage risk are many, with agricultural […]

Webinar Report: Becoming an entrepreneur or change agent after or before retirement

Introduction to the Second Webinar Series The 2nd webinar series focused on taking advantage of opportunities to develop yourself in to an entrepreneur while working or […]

Webinar Report: Agricultural Transformation: A key rural development and poverty eradication in Teso – Post COVID-19

Introduction of the first Webinar Series During the 2 and half online discussion session attended by over 90 people to share lessons learnt and experiences on […]